Perish Twice (A Sunny Randall Mystery Book 2)

Perish Twice (A Sunny Randall Mystery Book 2)
Author: Robert B. Parker
Format: Print Length
Pages: 358
Publisher: No Exit Press (September 28, 2012)

Sunny Randall comes to the aid of three very different women, with deadly consequences. Hired by prominent feminist Mary Lou Goddard to protect her from threatening phone calls and shadowy pursuers, Sunny must contend with Goddard’s reluctance to reveal all she knows about the unwelcome attention bestowed upon her. When a member of Goddard’s staff is gunned down, it’s called a case of mistaken identity. And when the murder suspect is found to have eaten his own gun, two cases are settled, neither to Sunny’s satisfaction. At the same time, Sunny must help both her dearest friend and her older sister, each of whom face wrenching personal battles. When the murder investigations lead her to the Boston underworld, Sunny’s footing-despite backup from her close friend Spike and ex-husband, Richie-is treacherous at best.

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